He is Alive

One of the most deeply moving scenes in the movie The day Christ died depicts the trial of Jesus before the Jewish Sanhedrin. False witnesses are paraded one after the other to testify to 'blasphemies' that were uttered by Jesus during his public ministry.

Jesus is on trial for his life. This is a capital murder case, with the jurors minds made Up well before the convening of the Sanhedrin. Imagine what Jesus was going through. The last witness brought in was one the Sanhedrin wished had not come forward.

He was the man who was blind from birth, who Jesus had cured. He told the Sanhedrin how he was born blind, but now, thanks to Jesus, he could see. Caiphas, the high priest Tried to discredit him by saying 'You thought you were blind, you really could see?' And 'He performed a magic trick'. The man stuck to his story. His speech trailed off 'He healed me…He helped me…as he walked over to Jesus and embraced him. Tears came to his eyes as he saw the wounds of the beatings Jesus endured. That ONE man Truly loved Jesus. And he knew Jesus was headed to the cross.

Later that same day, after passing the death sentence, they brought Jesus to Pilate, the Roman Procurator, who released an insurrectionist, Barabbas, and sent Jesus to the cross. During the long painful walk to Golgotha, Jesus falls under the weight of the cross.

Not once, but several times.

The last scene depicts the soldiers throwing Jesus on to the cross, one of them putting a nail to his wrist, and as he swings the hammer, the horrid look of pain on Jesus' face.

The movie ends there, leaving the viewer to complete the story by himself.

If the story were to end here, it would be the greatest tragedy in the history of the entire human race. Thanks be to God, it does not!

Several hours later, around 3 O' clock, Jesus dies. His friend Joseph asks Pilate for Jesus' Body, and he lays it in a new tomb and seals it. Fast-forwarding to a few days later, we read in St. Luke's Gospel about an incredible happening. Two disciples are walking together on a road toward a city named Emmaus.

A strange man comes along, and begins walking with them. They don't recognize that this stranger is Jesus. So, they discuss all the events of the last several days, how Their Lord was tried, condemned and executed. Then, just recently, some women in their number told them that they had visited the tomb, and found it empty! They claimed to see a vision of angels telling the woman that Jesus had been raised from the dead. Some of the men did in fact, go the tomb, and found it empty, but "Him they did not see" Then Jesus re-hashed all the descriptions about the in the scriptures, "Beginning with Moses and the Prophets he interpreted every passage in scripture which referred to him. "Since evening was drawing near, the disciples asked him to stay for supper. He stayed. Luke continues; "During the meal, Jesus took the bread, and pronounced the blessing, broke it, and began to distribute it to them. With that, their eyes were opened, and they Recognized him; whereupon he vanished from their sight."

These two were now believers in the resurrection, and they were bursting to share the good news. Returning to Jerusalem, they greeted the Apostles with: " THE LORD HAS BEEN RAISED!!! It is true. He has appeared to Simon."

This, my friends is a true story with the HAPPIEST ending that there could EVER be!

And, best of all, it can happen to you. All the suffering and misery in this life will be replaced by life eternal. All that's needed is to give your heart to Jesus. If you want to do that right now, say the following prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus, I Love you with my entire being, body and soul. I am sorry for all my sins that caused you to suffer so much. I accept you as my Personal Lord and Savior. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, to drive away doubt and sin. Please reign in my heart from this moment forward May I become less of me, and more of you. Jesus, I trust in You!

May you and your loved ones have the happiest Easter EVER!

JESUS IS RISEN, alleluia

He is risen indeed!!!!!

Happy Resurrection Feast!