My Railroad Adventures


  "...But  even as the electronic calculators evolved, noiselessly, the tonnage ratings of infallible operations and equally soundless position lights indicated a mainline clear , the dead hand of the past threw clashing switches in the coachyards of remembered carriers long gone and the ghostly profiles of once glittering limiteds rolled thunderously into the mainline of time. No silence will mute the sound of their going, no science abate their wonderment. Indeed, as they recede into the distance of the decades, the images of the past are clearer and more cherished. Secure in the repository of remembrance where no accident of mischance or derailment happens, the trains of a golden time roll timelessly upon their appointed errands, beyond reach of delay by dispatcher or annulment by any management. Forever, for them, the lights show green down the tangents of glory"   --Lucius M. Beebe

    Those of you who know me well know that I've never met a train I didn't like.  From the day I saw my first train till the present I've been fascinated by the railroad. I don't know why...Maybe it was the wave of a friendly engineer, and the cab rides and caboose rides I got growing up as a teenager, or maybe it was Pennsylvania station in New York, with it's high vaulted ceiling, it's booming PA announcements of far away places with strange sounding names, and the thoughts of someday going to some of them, or was the roar of the GG-1 locomotives of my childhood and the clickity-clack of the cars that followed..................... Or was it that far-off whistle, that makes dreamers of us all? 

Anyhow, climb aboard and ride along in spirit, as I follow my dreams on the steel rails.  Below are descriptions and photos of actual trips I've recently taken on Amtrak.  Just click on the link to read the article. ENJOY!
**Please Note: Reports are now listed in chronological order i.e.; the NEWEST first.
Also, a note of thanks to FRIENDS OF AMTRAK for publishing my reports, and to HaRRy Sutton for compilation and layout.

1. Farewell to the "Pennsylvanian" [Newark, NJ to Philadelphia and Chicago & return] January 19-25th 2003 

2. Return to Lynchburg, Va. November 3-7 2002

3. METRA in Chicago, 2002, February 9-16, 2002   

9. My trip to Lynchburg, Va. October 31 1999 [REQUIRES ADOBE ACROBAT READER]

**Please note: The reports below are temporarily Offline due to a web hosting move by ON TRACK ONLINE they should be available soon**

4. Philly Fest, 2001, Saturday July 21, 2001

5. My METRA adventure in Chicago February 11-16, 2001

6. Our Christmas trip to Newport News, V.A. Dec 26-31, 2000

7. Our trip to Great Lakes, Ill  Oct. 17-23 2000

8. My trip to Milwaukee  April 24-May 2, 2000

Old Right-of-Ways

When I'm not busy RIDING trains I can be found trying to catch the memories by visiting
abandoned railroad right-of-ways. Sure the tracks are still there, but the question begs asking: WILL WE EVER SEE A TRAIN HERE AGAIN? In the case of the Jersey Central Right-of-way in Jersey City and Bayonne, the answer is a resounding YES! NJ Transit just started running light rail [Trolley] there on 4/15/2000, so there is HOPE for the right of way between Elizabeth and Cranford, since plans are on the table to do the same there. BUT until it happens, ENJOY the photos of how it looks now. Currently, fiber optic cable is being laid alongside the ROW. 

1. CNJ Right-of-Way between Elizabeth and Cranford, NJ

Articles that were published

1. Last run of the Bayonne Shuttle Published in RAILS NORTHEAST March, 1979

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