My Friends at work

     Since we spend a considerable amount of our lives on the job, it is often easy to overlook the help and encouragement we give and receive from our co-workers. Most of us [myself included] fail to thank those whom we spend so much of our time with for their help. I am blessed with some great co-workers, who I can also call my friends. Here are names [First only] and photos [where available] of the good people I work with and for.

**Al's Retirement Luncheon Photos** Click to view

Al [the boss] best guy I ever worked for.


Jane [our secretary] someone who can do almost anything.

Photo not available

John K. My road assistant for many years

Paul. The shop supervisor who helps me figure out the EDACS system. Paul is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

 Last month he drove all my baggage to Virginia [where we went for training] so I could ride the train unencumbered. Not
only that, He waited with me at the station for 3 hours when he could have been sleeping at the hotel.


Art. A great tech. with a great sense of  humor. Art and I went for training in Virginia in 1999. He rode the train down with me.  Art was the originator on the now-famous" He he heeeeeeeeee"


John M. our 'new guy' has been with us for 3 years. John is always ready to help and learn new things. He is the  'rising star' on our team.

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